Frequent Questions

What do you charge and how are final payments made?

Our fee is bases on the gross amount of sales. Payment is made to you upon completion of sale.


How do we dispose of items not sold?

Unsold items may be retained by the client, donated, or sold to a liquidator, as you choose.


How is the sale advertised?

SJSESS customizes publicity for your sale, including flyers, mailings and emails sent to a select target market, including many repeat customers.


How many days/hours will your agent conduct your sale?

SJSESS conducts your estate sale over a one or two-day period. Doors are open for at least seven hours a day, usually from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. on Saturday and Sunday.


What are clean-up arrangements?

In most cases, the donation company will take everything that they can resell. We have companies that can remove trash after the sale at a reasonable rate.


What are sale preparation, set up and marking procedures?

Our staff will organize price and tag merchandise prior to sale. We remove all items from drawers, closets, and containers to determine what is where, what needs to be cleaned, or is otherwise in need of attention. Locked cases for jewelry or small items are provided.